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Why High-Density Mobile Shelving is For You!

mobile storage

Tweet There’s popular misconceptions about high density storage solutions & we’ve heard them all! 1. High-density mobile systems are too costly. 2. High-density systems are not appealing to the eye. 3. High-density systems are solely for files and records. 4. High density storage is inefficient, because you […]

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SoCal Police Department: WeaponsWRX Storage System Installation


Tweet Here’s a quick glimpse of our most recent custom designed WeaponWRX application. This local Police Department will store Remington 870’s and M4′s on these single and double tier racks. The department was able to quickly double their storage capacity and will have room to grow in […]

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More Beer For Your Buck: Maximizing Capacity In Cold Storage Facilities

Half Kegs Stored on ActivRAC Mobile Racking_mr

Tweet The craft beer industry grew 17% financially in 2012. Due to this extreme growth in the industry, there are numerous draft beer options and they must be put at a certain temperature to maintain their integrity. Because coolers are expensive to build and maintain, many distributors find it hard […]

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Storage Fit for Weapons


Tweet As a company who has thriving business relationships with numerous military personnel, we are always thinking about the next best military storage system that can save you time, storage space and never compromises the security of your materials. Our Universal Weapons Rack (UWR) delivers all 3 of […]

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Storage Solutions at Camp Lejeune

anti terrorism unit 2

Tweet The Anti-Terrorism Battalion, 4th Marine Expeditionary Brigade, 2D Marine Expeditionary Force at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina is known for tackling the war on terror with extreme readiness. However, one major component of their brigade that was lacking was their storage. Their storage system was completely […]

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Storage Solutions at Camp Ridley

camp ridley

Tweet The Central Issue Facility (CIF) at Camp Ripley in Minnesota houses more than 11,000 National Guard soldiers & you can imagine the kind of space and storage needed to hold gear & supplies for that many personnel. This facility originally had pallet racking set up but […]

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Keeping Pope Air Force Secure

pope air force

Tweet We consider ourselves proud to service so many of our military units by providing them with the organizational tools to put their best foot forward to keep our country safe. One of our country’s military Special Operations  Squadron at the Pope Air Force base in North […]

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GSA Storage Solution for EOY Funding Projects


Tweet   Share this message DON’T WAIT UNTIL EOY: Do you have MILSTRIP/MIPR funds to obligate by September?Don’t wait until your End-of-Year (EOY) contracting window of opportunity. We work with ADS to provide high density, storage solutions; procurement options and support to expedite your EOY acquisition requirements […]

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iCloud at the office


Tweet Nowadays, no matter how much our iPhones can do, we still need and make substantial use of our Macbook, tablets and on-the-go devices that allow us to stay connected anywhere & anytime. Let’s not forget everything you also need for your home office. With that said, the only […]

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New Stainless Steel Mobile Shelving

stainless steel mobile 2

Tweet Spacesaver Industrial’s line of ActivRAC high-density mobile systems just got better with the addition of the Stainless Steel model, ActivRAC 7M-SS. This mobile system was specially designed to maximize space for industrial and high-density storage areas.                   FEATURES: system […]

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  • “We are constantly complimented by visiting professionals on the wonderful condition of our state of the art facility. McMurray Stern provided us with a beautiful, efficient and accessible organization system that has made our facility a standout in Southern California museums. We are more than happy with our compactors and repository and would highly recommend McMurray Stern!”

    -Darla Abigt, Curator at the Western Science Center

  • “Maximum use of space is the biggest need to be able to store as many cans of film as possible and we’re very happy with McMurray Stern’s solution. From start to finish, they were perfect in everything. They did everything on time, actually finishing ahead of schedule.”

    -John Bragg, Branch Manager at Pacific Title Archive

  • “Students are now able to have intimate interactions with our collections. During the semester we have multiple classes using the space. Anywhere from 10-12 object are being studied each week. We could not be happier with the outcome and space.”

    -Steve Comba, Assistant Director of the Pomona College Museum of Art

  • “We are very happy with the two systems installed in our new building a few years ago that I work with on a daily basis. I would certainly contact McMurray Stern should we need anything else and I do recommend them to colleagues.”

    -Jim Hogue, Biology Department at California State University Northridge

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