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Mobile Storage and Earthquake Proof Design Considerations

If you’ve ever experienced an earthquake—even a minor one—you most likely have an appreciation of the earth’s force and power. A result of the sudden release of energy in the Earth’s crust, an earthquake can be mostly imperceptible or can cause very serious damage, depending on the […]

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The Evolution of Shelving

Shelving has come a long way since your ordinary marble-wood book shelves. Nowadays, there’s a variety of colors, sizes, accessories and static or automated accessibility. As the storage field evolves, we pride ourselves on being one of the leaders of innovation in the field. So, who better […]

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A Life-Saving Solution: Military Parachute Rack Storage System


“I will keep all parachute equipment entrusted to my care in the best possible condition, remembering always that little things left undone cause major problems “ ~ The Rigger’s Creed, United States Army Quartermaster Corps The primary mission of pararescuemen is to provide rescue, recovery, medical treatment, and evacuation […]

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Hospital Ensures Optimum Cleanliness With ActiveRAC Stainless Steel Storage System


Hospital Utilizes ActivRAC Stainless Steel Storage System to Ensure Optimum Cleanliness It might seem unreasonable to think that an infection can be contracted in the sterile environment of a healthcare facility, but it happens more often than hospitals might like. According to the American Medical Association, 1 […]

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Rinker Health Science Campus gives a cutting-edge home to graduate programs


McMurray Stern is proud to have participated in creating highly efficient mobile storage systems at this state of the art health science campus. You can learn more about our High Density Mobile Storage Systems here… The following article was originally posted at Rinker Health Science Campus gives a […]

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October is Women’s Small Business Month, Show Your Support!


The following article can be found at the Association of Women’s Business Centers. AWBC Urges You to Support Your Local Women-Owned Businesses October marks a very important milestone for women and for the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA). This month, the Association of Women’s Business Centers (AWBC) […]

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PRESS RELEASE: McMurray Stern to Partner with BeCode Keyless Lock System to Bring Consumers the New EVO and EVO+ Keyless Lock

pad lockers education

McMurray Stern, Southern California’s leader in innovative storage development and records management solutions, is proud to announce their partnership with BeCode Keyless Lock Systems. McMurray Stern aims to bring down the cost of maintenance and support for keyed locker stations by eliminating the need for a key. […]

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Storage Limitations for Prescription Drugs

Generic prescription drugs have given brand name prescriptions a serious run for their money in the last few years. According to, a great number of brand name drugs started to see their patents expire in 2012. The large savings patients get from using generic brands is […]

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What Do Rival NCAA teams Have in Common?

With the 2014-2015 NCAA season underway, basketball fans are more excited than ever to watch their favorite teams duke it out against their rivals. One of the biggest NCAA rivalries, North Carolina Tar Heels and Duke University Blue Devils may not be so friendly during games, but […]

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See McMurray Stern In Action at COPSWEST 2014

copswest booth

COPSWEST 2014 has begun! Going until October 9th, the COPSWEST Expo in Long Beach primarily focuses on educating the public through innovation. Each booth has a public safety expert or individual representing what their company’s products add to public safety innovation. This Expo affords the community the […]

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  • “We are constantly complimented by visiting professionals on the wonderful condition of our state of the art facility. McMurray Stern provided us with a beautiful, efficient and accessible organization system that has made our facility a standout in Southern California museums. We are more than happy with our compactors and repository and would highly recommend McMurray Stern!”

    -Darla Abigt, Curator at the Western Science Center

  • “Maximum use of space is the biggest need to be able to store as many cans of film as possible and we’re very happy with McMurray Stern’s solution. From start to finish, they were perfect in everything. They did everything on time, actually finishing ahead of schedule.”

    -John Bragg, Branch Manager at Pacific Title Archive

  • “Students are now able to have intimate interactions with our collections. During the semester we have multiple classes using the space. Anywhere from 10-12 object are being studied each week. We could not be happier with the outcome and space.”

    -Steve Comba, Assistant Director of the Pomona College Museum of Art

  • “We are very happy with the two systems installed in our new building a few years ago that I work with on a daily basis. I would certainly contact McMurray Stern should we need anything else and I do recommend them to colleagues.”

    -Jim Hogue, Biology Department at California State University Northridge

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