Ideal Components of a Weapons Locker

Military lockers

A weapons locker, like its users, needs to be ready at any moment for an emergency. Whether you need to prioritize easy access, heightened security, or multipurpose functionality, it’s essential to find a weapons locker that meets your needs. When comparing features of a weapons locker, here are five qualities that set a weapons locker […]

Choosing Art Storage Racks, Cabinets and Other Museum Storage Systems

Art storage racks

Choosing Art Storage Racks, Cabinets, and Other Museum Storage Systems A common misunderstanding of the word “storage” is that it is a passive, hard-to-access, collection of goods– a place where things you rarely use are placed so that they are hidden until further notice. For those who work in museums or galleries, though, art storage […]

“We Build, We Fight, We Educate,” supporting the U.S. Navy Seabees motto

Navy Seabee

McMurray Stern sponsors Navy Seabee Memorial Scholarship Association  Each year McMurray Stern looks forward to the opportunity to support the Seabee Memorial Scholarship Association (SMSA) by sponsoring their annual golf invitational in Virginia Beach. Living up to their motto – “We Build, We Fight,” the U.S. Navy Seabees have served our nation proudly for 76 […]

Cantilever Shelves: The Limitless Features & Benefits for Your Library and More

Cantilever Shelving in your library

If your collection or inventory is in desperate need of organization and an aesthetic update, cantilever shelving may be just the remedy you are looking for. Used in academic, corporate, library, and office settings, cantilever racks are highly versatile, ruggedly durable, and easily reconfigured to suit your every need. Features of Cantilever Shelving Limitless Shelving […]

Need for Color-Coded File Labeling in Records Management

Color-Coded File Labeling in Records Management

Boosting Your Business’s Bottom Line: Filing and Records Management Some days it can seem like an impossible mission to find files quickly enough. Studies show the ordinary person on average can spend 150 hours per year trying to locate misplaced information. However, if you’re having difficulties in managing file retrieval, you’re not alone. If tasked […]

3 Ways Industrial Ceiling Fans Can Benefit Your Work Environment

HVLS fan

3 Ways Industrial Ceiling Fans Can Benefit Your Work Environment It’s not uncommon for large, open facilities such as warehouses, barns, and aviation hangars to battle undesirable climates. These work environments can quickly become uncomfortable for employees– sometimes too hot, other times too cold– and also might be the cause of extraneous expenses for your […]

What You Should Know About Pallet Racks, and 5 Mistakes to Avoid

What You Should Know About Pallet Racks for the Warehouse Most everyone has heard the phrase “time is money.” But if you work in the warehousing industry, you also know the less common phrase “space is money” to be equally as true. Because space is at such a premium for warehouses, mobile pallet racks such […]

McMurray Stern supports local C.A.P.E. chapters

Public Safety Storage

A resource to the property and evidence community since 1980  Are you a member of the California Association for Property and Evidence organization? We are! For more than 38 years we have been a trusted resource to the local public safety community. We design and build clean, configurable storage systems for evidence, property, weapons and […]

Here’s How Our Athletic Lockers Can Work For You

University Oregon Softball Equipment Room

Here’s How Our Athletic Lockers Can Work For You No matter what sport it is, or what level it’s being played at, one of the biggest keys to success is organization. That starts in the locker room. Just as the way sports have been played over the years, so have athletic lockers. Athletic equipment is […]