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5 Military Storage Solutions for Rapid Deployment

5 Military Storage Solutions for Rapid Deployment

Few places are as secure as the armory on a military base. Though once inside, armories are often no more organized than any other storage facility. 

However, unlike a typical storage facility, disorganization at an armory or any military or government facility, can have very serious consequences.

At any military installation, speed and accuracy are critically important to ensuring safety and security. Your military post might have a lot of space for storage– but are you truly organized and able to move quickly in a crisis? It’s key that all your gear is stored efficiently, in garrison, is easily accessible, and secure for rapid deployment.

There are storage solutions to help your armory get organized and be on-the-move faster. McMurray Stern consultants are here to guide you to the best solution for your company. Here are our 5 military storage solutions to help your base store safely and increase overall speed of deployment.

5 Military Storage Solutions to Improve Your Base

1. Universal Military Weapons Rack

In partnership with Spacesaver, McMurray Stern offers a variety of solutions using the Universal Weapons Rack. By providing a cage-like structure, the UWR keeps weapons secure and visible for fast cataloguing. 

This storage innovation has dramatically improved how amories operate and secure weapons. If you’re struggling to keep your gear organized, secure, and accessible, the UWR could be the right solution for your team. 

2. Tactical Readiness Cabinets

These rugged, all steel storage cabinets and lockers are built to last in demanding military applications. The modular design of the trL Storage System from McMurray Stern gives amories the flexibility needed to move quickly while also meeting every storage requirement. 

Is your gear housed in a challenging space? 

The broad selection of sizes and configurations of steel storage cabinets and lockers offer a great deal of flexibility. You can outfit the interior by choosing from a variety of modular accessories with infinite custom configurations and adjustments: magnetic mirrors, boot trays, and standard peg board designed doors.

3. FreeStyle Personal Storage Lockers

The FreeStyle personal storage locker from Spacesaver is the only on-site, end-user reconfigurable locker of its kind. 

If you’re looking for a system that can help you deploy faster and evolve to meet your storage requirements, your armory can benefit from FreeStyle Lockers. FreeStyle is also used by police departments all over the country, because it allows officers to move quickly and store safely.

4. Cargo Container Storage Rack

The Cargo Container Storage Rack safely double stacks military cargo and supply containers into an organized, centralized location. It increases readiness, accountability, and validity of TOA assets. 

It is expertly designed for both indoor and harsh outdoor conditions, and with catwalk access, you eliminate a need for forklifts and licensed operators. You have quick access to internal tools, materials, equipment and improve environmental safety by removing the potential for forklift mishaps.

5. Unit and Supply Storage

From personal issue gear and parachutes to records and blueprints to tools and repair parts, we have unit and supply storage options that increase efficiency and keep gear safe and protected. Store your company’s equipment so that it can be easily inventoried, inspected, issued, and accessed. 

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