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Shedding light on library shelving

Library Shelving McMurray Stern

Custom integrated library shelving lights that bring shelves to life.

“It looks fantastic; our patrons and staff tell us that the shelf lighting makes spine labels easier to read, and books sparkle on the shelves, inviting browsing and borrowing. We are very satisfied with this product.”  – Lisa Hardy, Facilities Design Lead, Calgary Public Library

Lighting is no longer constrained by the ceiling lights. Individual integrated lighting fixtures provide better lighting where it is most useful and practical. Shedding light on library shelves is easier than ever by integrating these individual plug and play library shelf lights into our High Density Mobile Storage Systems or even static cantilever shelving.

Equal light distribution across each shelf with the same light level, look, and feel.  Libraries can now create a shadow free environment for book shelves. The light source is safe, concealed and suitable for public installations.

Contemporary Concept:

Opportunity to introduce a simple elegant, modern flair to seamlessly integrate with existing design.

Customizable & Adaptable:

Factory modified products are available for specialized project needs. Additionally, LED lights are naturally directionally focused lighting technology and do not rely on reflectors, giving the user complete control to accent or highlight any display of materials on a shelf.

Simple Plug & Play:

This innovative plug and play design provides quick and trouble-free installation. Individual library shelving lights make it simple to install effective, high-quality lighting in areas that traditionally have been poorly lit.

Green Technology:

LEDs are not made from hazardous materials such as toxic mercury, they are compliant with the Restriction of Hazardous Substances and are safe to handle.  Combined with High Density Mobile Storage the use of these individual LED lights can help to reduce both physical and carbon footprint.

Low Operating Costs:

Our lighting solutions require just a portion of the power consumption to run as compared to traditional library shelving lights thus lowering the overall total cost of ownership (TCO).

Cool Running/Operating Temperature:

An effective heat management system within the lights eliminates the requirement for a HVAC system. Less heat is generated, so, less cooling is required.

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