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Managing e-Grocery & Cold Storage Logistics with ASRS Solutions

Managing e-Grocery & Cold Storage Logistics with ASRS Solutions

A new study released from CPG sales and marketing firm Acosta shows consumers have taken a definite turn to online grocery shopping.

According to the study, 45 percent of consumers report shopping online for groceries more now than before the pandemic. Meanwhile, around a third of those polled said they’re shopping less at grocery stores (30%) and at mass retail stores like Walmart and Target (35%) versus pre-pandemic. The findings stem from online surveys conducted between July 1 and July 6 of 2021.

Convenience, Speed, and Shipping Options Are Important

This growing consumer trend toward online grocery shopping means grocers today need to focus on offering a convenient and fast e-grocery experience that culminates with multiple delivery methods (from store pick-up to shipping options).

McMurray Stern offers solutions for grocers (large and small) that will help automate processes to meet your consumer’s expectations.

Pallet, Case & Piece Picking

Automated grocery distribution and storage solutions offer simplicity, inventory control, and same-day delivery options without impacting store inventory. Automating the palletizing, case, and piece picking processes will provide high-performance solutions that meet customer needs every time.

Lift & Run

McMurray Stern’s automated Lift & Run are highly dynamic and economic solutions for pallet handling in the manufacturing and distribution market. Our Lift & Run solutions are designed for all warehouses, even those with little space that are seeking ways to increase material workflow while optimizing any current available space. 

An Economic Solution that is Energy-Efficient

A quicker way to meet customer demands with flexibility and compatibility. Our low-weight automated solutions help optimize space by stacking systems and provide increased material flow and transportation in the warehouse.

Modular Storage & Distribution

In addition to productivity demands, storage and distribution centers need to keep up with temperature control, different SKUs, and FDA regulations to store groceries safely. Mobile racks, pallet racks, auto-guided transport systems, and automated handling solutions will increase space and create ease of operations.

Cold Chain Storage

The increase in frozen and cold storage in the grocery market has led to the need for cold storage holding areas, facilities, and options for online grocery orders. Pallet and case pick cold and freezer storage solutions will provide the space for expansion of products and warehouse growth.


Retailers and grocers are needing a solution to get products closer to the customer by allowing for on-demand delivery and cutting down the distance between the warehouse and the customer’s front door. With our strategic micro-fulfillment solutions, you can now provide:

Quicker direct delivery, in-store, or curbside pickup, better accuracy and efficiency for warehouse growth, automated solutions for products needing temperature-control and speed, and same-day delivery options. 

Many of our micro-fulfillment solutions can operate at the store level in as little as 5,000 square feet of space. A great way for smaller grocers to meet consumer expectations for same-day delivery or pick up.

Set Your Grocery Store(s) Up for Success in 2022

We partner with manufacturers and distributors to provide unique storage solutions for all your needs. There is no challenge too big for our team of design experts. We’re ready to get you set for success in the new year and deliver on all your customer demands. Let’s talk.


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