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Need for Color-Coded File Labeling in Records Management

Color-Coded File Labeling in Records Management

Boosting Your Business’s Bottom Line: Filing and Records Management

Some days it can seem like an impossible mission to find files quickly enough. Studies show the ordinary person on average can spend 150 hours per year trying to locate misplaced information. However, if you’re having difficulties in managing file retrieval, you’re not alone.

If tasked with doing only one job as a manager, it’s unlikely for it to be labeling files in an office. But when you consider the impact efficient filing can make, it’s important to get it right. Ultimately, office organization translates to the quality of service you’re able to offer.

Importance of a Quick Records Management color-coded file system

In this time and age when our phones allow us to answer almost all our questions at the tips of our fingers, our clients have an expectation to receive information fast. Often, the practice of shuffling through office cabinets in search of a file is still prevalent. As much as information is power, you’ll have to find it first to be of help.

Whenever you’re in a position to efficiently locate a file that’s needed, your productivity grows. Thus, an effective filing system is key to saving time and costs, enabling you to spend more effort on service delivery and boosting your bottom line.

As a business that handles a lot of records, you may never use the information you store if you cannot find it. Further, where space is a concern, filing away files that go untouched is inefficient and costly real-estate.

How Color-Coded File Labeling Works

Color-coded file labeling may be the most efficient way to solve the issue at hand. Based on marking files with different color codes, this process eases file retrieval and makes re-filing more accurate. Color-coded filing supplies, together with end tab filing equipment, work in harmony to implement organizational order in your office. This increases staff productivity and saves valuable floor space.

Information Governance Reports indicate retrieval, misplacement, and file tracking add significant costs to operational expenses. Implementing a color-coded file records management system, therefore, could reduce record retrieval times and expenditures substantially.

Color-Coded File Labeling Software

McMurray Stern offers color-coded file labeling software solutions that utilize an On-Demand Label Print System.

Instead of eliminating the use of files, it acts to manage the documents. Meaning the color-coded filing system is different from a paperless records management format. In this regard, you can significantly create and organize more files without wasting a lot of time scanning and backing-up records. Besides, it reduces instances of data loss.

Regardless of the number of files, this software helps you organize your office. Hence, you can drastically improve the process by not only printing the label but also applying a single strip marker that contains data downloaded from your computer. Thus, it affords your business the following benefits:

  • Improves filing efficiency
  • Significantly reduces misfile incidents
  • Filing and retrieval times drastically reduce
  • Flexibility of working with unlimited label designs

As discussed, the core functions of a business significantly depend on the access to information through the filing and records management system. Accordingly, you can make arrangements to avoid missed opportunities. Contact us at McMurray Stern for a free space assessment and quote for custom file folders, labels, or barcode tracking system and see how we can meet your business’s filing and records management needs today.


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