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TriCon: Deployable Weapons Storage Container, GSA Pricing Available.

The Emergency Mobile Rapid Weapons Shipping Container provides accountable and secured storage of unit weapons in deployed environments. Designed specifically for military, the flexibility of this storage system will keep pace with your equipment and storage requirements. It is the first custom integrated container that is capable of storing and shipping modern crew serve weapons, small arms, associated collateral gear, and repair parts in a most secure fashion within a (Type 1) TriCON.


This system features versatile six section plug and play capability to include, but not limited to storage of M4s, M16s, M9s, M240s, M249s, M870s, M2s, MK19s, and associated collatoral gear for multiple Expeditionary and Special Warfare TOA platforms.


This system can be custom configured to store, ship, and support field weapon operations for any military community/TOA. This system supports transportation via ground, air, and sea, ensuring weapons remain stationary in the most secured fashion possible.


Athletic Storage

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