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The Wheels on the bus go in our Vertical Tire Storage Carousel

Heavy Duty Shelving

The McMurray Stern Motorized Vertical Tire Storage Carousel is the perfect solution for merchandising or storing tires for cars, trucks, buses, RVs, aircraft and military vehicles. The machine’s small footprint maximizes your floor space and reclaims the wasted vertical space in your facility.

Our Tire Carousel efficiently manages your inventory by easily handling often cumbersome tires making display, inventory and rotation a snap.

A single operator can safely load and retrieve the vertical tires storage carousel eliminating the time normally needed to search and physically move tires from one location to another.

• Standard tire carousels for 28” and 32” diameter tires

• Heavy duty models for larger diameter tires

• Custom carousel colors available to match your facility

• Optional full enclosure to secure your inventory

• Helps reduce work and lifting related injuries

Check out the video below to visualize how much space our Vertical Tire Storage Carousel System can reclaim your valuable floor space.]Our vertical automated storage and retrieval systems can quickly increase your bottom line by reclaiming valuable floor space and making room for revenue generating activities. Isn’t it time for your company to grow and maximize capabilities?


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As COVID-19 continues to impact our global community, McMurray Stern has been continuing to monitor the effects of COVID-19 to create a safe environment that will support the health and wellbeing of our customers and employees. This is of our highest priority as we continue to work with partnering manufacturers to serve customers in the Southern California and Arizona areas.

We are committed to maintaining our business operations and ensuring you continue to receive the highest quality service without disruption. In addition, we have adopted temporary COVID-19 products to better serve our customers. Contact us to learn more.

At McMurray Stern, we are proud to continue providing the services, support, and specialty storage and automation products you need to continue providing products and services for your own customers.

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