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Design Consulting

Even with all the sophisticated computerized design tools available to us, it still comes down to having a broad base of application knowledge and extensive experience developing appropriate solutions for space and productivity problems. Our experienced team of Design Consultants have been trained as application specialists to understand the unique storage and productivity challenges faced by their assigned client group.

We encourage our clients to get our design team involved early in the planning stage of a project. We will work directly with the client as well as the architect, contractor and engineer to ensure that all critical aspects of the project are discussed and addressed.

By getting involved early, we can identify and address important considerations unique to high-density storage:

• Floor loading
• Building codes related to storage
• ADA requirements
• Fire and life safety requirements

Addressing these issues early in the project will avoid delays and reduce costs.

Structural Evaluation

The compelling benefit of high-density storage is the ability to compact stored materials into a much smaller footprint space. This can result in higher load concentrations in the area where the storage system is installed.

Particularly on upper floor installations, it is important to ensure that the structural design of the building will accommodate the storage system.

McMurray Stern can provide structural evaluation services through a Licensed Structural Engineer. The engineer can determine the seismic anchoring requirements for the equipment as well as performing floor load calculations to determine if any structural reinforcement of the building is required.


ToolsProper installation is critical to the performance of a high-density storage system. That’s why we take exceptional care when it comes to the installation of our equipment.

While our competitors subcontract their installation services, our installation and service team members are all full-time McMurray Stern employees.

We employ only factory trained and certified installation and service technicians. They work closely with your Design Consultant from the beginning of a project to ensure a successful installation.

System Relocation

If you’re moving, and you’re planning to take your existing equipment with you, McMurray Stern can help. We can meet with you to survey your existing equipment and determine the most efficient way to move it. We can then perform the actual system move and re-install the equipment at your new location. Our factory-trained installers will also provide you with a new warranty for your relocated equipment.

McMurray Stern can also perform relocation of files, books, media and other stored materials. Our experienced project team will work closely with you to ensure that your materials arrive safely at your new facility on time and in proper order.

Records and Information Management

FoldersMcMurray Stern is a leading provider of records and information management solutions. With over 35 years of experience, we have proven our ability to design and implement the most efficient RIM solution available in today’s market.


  • “We are constantly complimented by visiting professionals on the wonderful condition of our state of the art facility. McMurray Stern provided us with a beautiful, efficient and accessible organization system that has made our facility a standout in Southern California museums. We are more than happy with our compactors and repository and would highly recommend McMurray Stern!”

    -Darla Abigt, Curator at the Western Science Center

  • “Maximum use of space is the biggest need to be able to store as many cans of film as possible and we’re very happy with McMurray Stern’s solution. From start to finish, they were perfect in everything. They did everything on time, actually finishing ahead of schedule.”

    -John Bragg, Branch Manager at Pacific Title Archive

  • “Students are now able to have intimate interactions with our collections. During the semester we have multiple classes using the space. Anywhere from 10-12 object are being studied each week. We could not be happier with the outcome and space.”

    -Steve Comba, Assistant Director of the Pomona College Museum of Art

  • “We are very happy with the two systems installed in our new building a few years ago that I work with on a daily basis. I would certainly contact McMurray Stern should we need anything else and I do recommend them to colleagues.”

    -Jim Hogue, Biology Department at California State University Northridge

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