K-12 classrooms and higher education college campuses are always evolving to meet the growing needs of students. With that comes the continual need for new and innovative storage solutions to stay adaptable, organized, and secure at all times.


Coaches and team managers know, that a campus athletic’s storage and organization of equipment plays a role in attracting top athletes. From storing apparel, uniforms, footwear, pads, and more, it’s essential to always stay organized as a team; during both home and away games. That begins in the student athletics center. An optimized athletics building helps coaches keep accurate inventory, improves morale, and appeals to top recruits. Our high-density mobile storage, vertical storage, and personal lockers for student-athletes are game changers.


Libraries should be adaptable spaces where students and staff can rearrange based on events, activities, or personal study preferences. This is why academic libraries need more flexibility with their space – from furniture to equipment. Maximize the effectiveness of your library by adding casters to shelving and making it mobile to allow for rearranging. Larger multipurpose spaces, like learning commons, are typically used for events or private studying. Temporary dividers can provide moveable walls to create custom meeting-sized rooms at any time.


Personal lockers are an essential part of any school, whether it be to store a student’s backpack and textbooks or for athletes’ uniforms and equipment. We offer a wide variety of custom-designed locker storage solutions to choose from that provide ventilation, adjustable shelving, mirrors, and locks for added security.

Science Lab
Equipment Storage

A well-organized science lab creates a more efficient work environment but it also helps to ensure the safety of your students and staff. From storing expensive and fragile lab equipment to creating movable walls for innovative classroom settings, we make the best use of your valuable space. Our storage design options complement any science lab with a unique modular system. Added functionality, and greater productivity. No matter what type or size of space you need, we can work with you to craft the perfect solution for your lab’s needs.


Nurse’s offices and campus clinics need to access items quickly to serve their patients. Our experience with medical and surgical storage, as well as our ability to provide custom solutions, makes us the perfect partner for your education healthcare needs. Modular bin shelving maximizes capacity in your pharmacy or stocking room; mobile shelving allows you to move shelves side-by-side to create aisle space when needed; and sterile storage allows staff to find what they need quickly, improving response time.

Performing Arts Centers

Performing arts centers require quick access and efficient use of space. Our mobile storage systems help music and art rooms as well as campus performing arts centers protect and organize instruments, sheet music, costumes, props, and more. Easily find and retrieve stored items, no matter if you’re in a small music room or a large auditorium.

Center Storage

We’re no stranger to sports and fitness storage! We have a variety of custom storage solutions for your rec center. We can provide short-term, space-saving solutions and day-use locker options for securing visitors’ belongings. We also understand that each school is unique, and has different storage requirements. For long-term storage of recreation center equipment, we offer mobile shelving and static storage solutions that can be customized to your school’s needs.