Ideal Components of a Weapons Locker

Military lockers

A weapons locker, like its users, needs to be ready at any moment for an emergency. Whether you need to prioritize easy access, heightened security, or multipurpose functionality, it’s essential to find a weapons locker that meets your needs. When comparing features of a weapons locker, here are five qualities that set a weapons locker […]

Benefits of Using UV Germicidal Lighting

UV Germicidal Lighting

Maintaining sanitation in private and public spaces has become paramount in today’s health climate. In order to protect the safety of customers and employees alike, businesses have started to make sanitation their top priority. Whether this is done by requiring masks, frequently scheduled cleanings, or limited human contact, everyone is trying to do their part. […]

Best Athletic Storage Solutions

Athletic Storage

Storage isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. This is especially true for athletic storage solutions. Sports equipment is so varied in size and shape that shelving that works for baseball bats won’t be as effective for football helmets. We also know that though many organizations need room to store equipment in bulk, there also likely need places […]

Best Methods of Weapon Storage

Whatever your weapon storage needs, it’s important to consider five factors to determine the best method of weapon storage for you. Portability, storage density, flexibility, accessibility, and security all need to be examined in order to find your ideal method of weapon storage. Best types of weapon storage Portability For operations that require weapon to […]

Create More Warehouse Space by Storing Smarter

warehouse storage

Warehouses are a useful way to store large volumes of goods that you don’t need immediate access to. Additionally, they keep merchandise free from theft and damage which minimizes profit loss.  However, stocking your warehouse effectively isn’t an easy task. If you cannot optimize the available space, you will be left with an inefficient arrangement, […]

How to Improve Your Art Gallery Storage

Art Gallery Storage

Fine art gallery storage is almost an art form in itself. Quality art gallery storage must be stored carefully to avoid dangerous temperature fluctuations, humidity, smoke risks, and pests. It’s no surprise that temperature and humidity-controlled storage settings are costly to your organization. McMurray Stern is here to help. Our art gallery storage solutions are […]

Why You Should Use Industrial Shelving in Your On-Demand Warehouse

industrial shelving

With the rise of independent online businesses, small sellers need to be able to compete with name brands with fewer resources. Large scale businesses can afford personalized warehouse and shipping options due to their higher profit margins and large customer base. However, small businesses often don’t have the luxury of operating out of personal warehouses […]

Hospital Bed Lift: The Ideal Hospital Storage Solution

hospital bed lift

Medical facilities are constantly battling storage issues. In order to successfully serve the public, a hospital needs to accommodate the highest number of patients possible while storing the equipment used to treat them. No space can be wasted. While smaller supplies can be neatly stacked in boxes, larger pieces of equipment such as hospital beds […]

Does Your Business Need a Vault Storage System?


Most people know about lockers or storage units. However, not many individuals or businesses have heard of vault storage systems. These state-of-the-art storage facilities can be created to your organization’s individual needs and are specifically made to protect your essential items and documents. These storage systems are designed to be extremely secure and even have […]


heavy duty shelving

Heavy-duty industrial shelving is an integral part of warehouse infrastructure. Although it comes in different forms, each design choice fundamentally depends on your space, the products you want to store, and your budget considerations. Regardless of the type of products you need to store, there is something for everyone. However, you still have to figure […]