Cold Storage Space Solutions by McMurray Stern

Productivity demands in the cold storage industry have risen significantly. The U.S. cold storage industry reached 15.84 billion in 2019 and is expected to continue growing to reach 19.69 billion by 2025.  Additionally, the pandemic specifically pushed customers to turn towards digital shopping options that provide convenience and safety as they shop for groceries to […]

5 Military Storage Solutions for Rapid Deployment

Few places are as secure as the armory on a military base. Though once inside, armories are often no more organized than any other storage facility.  However, unlike a typical storage facility, disorganization at an armory or any military or government facility, can have very serious consequences. At any military installation, speed and accuracy are […]

3 Retail Trends of the Modern Shopper

We’re living at a time when it’s equal parts exciting and challenging to be in the world of retail and wholesale. Consumer expectations are seemingly higher than ever before, and consumer behavior is evolving retailer business models everywhere.  There are 3 critical trends in retail we know will only grow as we look ahead into […]

5 Reasons to Automate Your Storage & Retrieval Systems (ASRS)

What is ASRS An Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS) is a combination of equipment and controls that handle, store, and retrieve materials with precision and speed driven by varying levels of automation. Systems range from smaller automated systems to larger computer controlled storage/retrieval systems, completely integrated into a manufacturing or distribution process. Why ASRS? […]

Storage Solutions & Systems to Help Navigate Pandemic Protocols

Even with the development of a COVID-19 vaccine, health protocols and social distancing practices will likely be with us for much of this year. Social distancing protocols can be a challenge for all businesses and organizations. Many companies have had to get creative to keep workers safely spaced out. In particular, small offices have had to […]

Ideal Components of a Weapons Locker

Military lockers

A weapons locker, like its users, needs to be ready at any moment for an emergency. Whether you need to prioritize easy access, heightened security, or multipurpose functionality, it’s essential to find a weapons locker that meets your needs. When comparing features of a weapons locker, here are five qualities that set a weapons locker […]

Here’s How Our Athletic Lockers Can Work For You

University Oregon Softball Equipment Room

Here’s How Our Athletic Lockers Can Work For You No matter what sport it is, or what level it’s being played at, one of the biggest keys to success is organization. That starts in the locker room. Just as the way sports have been played over the years, so have athletic lockers. Athletic equipment is […]

Cantilever Shelves: The Limitless Features & Benefits for Your Library and More

Cantilever Shelving in your library

If your collection or inventory is in desperate need of organization and an aesthetic update, cantilever shelving may be just the remedy you are looking for. Used in academic, corporate, library, and office settings, cantilever racks are highly versatile, ruggedly durable, and easily reconfigured to suit your every need. Features of Cantilever Shelving Limitless Shelving […]

Choosing Art Storage Racks, Cabinets and Other Museum Storage Systems

Art storage racks

Choosing Art Storage Racks, Cabinets, and Other Museum Storage Systems A common misunderstanding of the word “storage” is that it is a passive, hard-to-access, collection of goods– a place where things you rarely use are placed so that they are hidden until further notice. For those who work in museums or galleries, though, art storage […]